RPCC – Industrial Training Facility

RPCC – Industrial Training Facility

  • Location

    Gonzales, LA

  • Duration

    12 months

  • Value

    $3.63 million

  • Service/Division

    Industrial Construction

Project Details

About This Project

The PET facility is a generic, functioning Propylene Glycol Unit built under a lump sum, public bid EPC contract for River Parishes Community College’s Gonzales campus.

Given its unique nature as a hybrid industrial/academic training facility, there are no products produced nor any byproducts resulting from the process.

Much of the facility is made from donated materials.

The facility’s construction involved civil work, pipe fabrication and installation, structural steel erection, electrical and instrumentation work, as well as the installation of various process units, tanks and vessels. Outside that footprint is a cooling tower and boiler building.

The PET Plant is now a full-sized working production unit where students can safely learn on a fully functioning plant intended to drive careers in process technology, instrumentation and electrical technology, industrial maintenance, craft trades and renewable resources.