REG Services Group – Turnaround

REG Services Group – Turnaround

  • Location

    Geismar, LA

  • Duration

    9 Months

  • Service/Division

    Industrial Construction

Project Details

About This Project

REG 2021 Turnaround was a joint venture between REG and multiple contractors. Trade’s scope of the project entailed (3) work packages: FOG Preheater, Mixing Points, & PSVs.

FOG Preheater work package: Includes installing new structural steel members, the removal and replacement of existing lines, and making tie-ins as required for the future installation of the FOG preheater.

Mixing Points work package: Includes the removal of (6) mix points, installation of (4) mix points, and the rerouting of (2) existing lines for operation.

PSVs work package: Modification of (2) existing lines for the installation of PSV-5605 and PSV-5304.

The two significant obstacles we faced were an aggressive schedule, and coordinating between multiple contractors in confined conditions. In particular, the FOG Preheater work package was part of the critical path of the entire shutdown and involved coordination between Trade and other contractors as we worked in close proximity with one another. Trade was able to meet expectations and maintain a schedule with teamwork, good coordination, and looking ahead/analyzing the schedule.

Trade is always going above and beyond for safety. We believe in safety throughout all aspects of our company, and with this mentality, we were able to report no recordables working over 8,800 man-hours in a turnaround environment.